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SOUL DOGS Honors & Celebrates CULVER CITY @ FIESTA LA BALLONA Finale in Veteran's Park on Sunday, August 26th, 2012
SOUL DOGS Featuring Radiator Rick • Honoring Culver City at FIESTA LA BALLONA Finale • CULVER CITY'S PARTY IN THE PARK • Veterans Park • Sunday, August 26th, 2012. SOUL DOGS Line-Up: Sharon Benson (7-String Viper Violin; Vocals) Steve Kaufman (Guitar; Vocals) Gary Fitzgerald (Bass) Leslie Daniel (Drums) Featuring: Radiator Rick Mohr (Harp) More info @ Video by Stan Zalman. © 2012 Biheart Entertainment Group. All Rights Reserved. Category: Nonprofits & Activism License: Standard YouTube License

Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIVIDED WE FALL • An ANTHEM for the Beginning of a NEW ERA

Written by 2 Original SOUL DOGS, Sharon Benson and Robert Wayne Switzer (aka "Wayno" to those closest to him). This is a "Camp Fire" style, completely Un-Plugged, Impromptu Musical Reunion, after being on opposite ends of the West Coast for more than 10 years. DIVIDED WE FALL was born out of a conversation Sharon & Wayno were having on the phone last year, while preparing for the Gardens of Forgiveness LOVE WINS Event with Pete Seeger & Friends at NYU, on 9/11/11. The 10 Year Anniversary brought up much reflecting... And here it is again... coming up on 9/11's Eleventh Anniversary. So we sit down in the living room... with a little MP4 Video camera... Capturing our song, DIVIDED WE FALL... Looking forward to recording it with SOUL DOGS' Full Band and bringing this SOUL DOGS "Reunion Duo" (Sharon & Wayno) to NYC to perform our Anthem LIVE at The Vigil for International Peace & Ecology and at various Events going on during the International Day Of Peace weekend, beginning Friday, September 21st thru Sunday, September 23rd, 2012. This Video also serves as a way to get as many people as possible, including all our Vigil Friends and Musicians in NYC, to begin to learn DIVIDED WE FALL, Sing Along with us, Play Instruments, Drums, Percussion, or whatever. Even the Lyrics are right there to make it easy. For those of you in NYC, we invite you to come to the Vigil For International Peace and Ecology on Sunday, September 23rd, at the Central Park Bandshell and Join Us! It will be going on from 9 AM - 5 PM. Info @: For more Info & Links Visit

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"......We can make a difference in the Human Race. Fight for Freedom with Love & Grace. Forgiveness, the Key to Unity & PEACE on Earth! DIVIDED WE FALL... United We Stand..." ☮❤☯☼♬♫♪ A Video Clip of SOUL DOGS Performing DIVIDED WE FALL, an Original Song, written by Sharon Benson & Robert Wayne Switzer and inspired by 9/11/11, in association with The Gardens Of Forgiveness, Water Not Weapons, Live Peace, Love Wins LA, and The International Day Of Peace. This SOUL DOGS Show was recorded Live at The Condor Lounge in Pine Mountain Club, CA, Saturday, June 16th, 2012 SOUL DOGS 2012 Line-Up: Sharon Benson (7-String Viper-Electric Violin; Guitar; Vocals) Steve Kaufman (Acoustic/Electric Resonator Slide Guitar; Vocals) Gary Fitzgerald (Standup & Electric Bass) Leslie Daniel (Drums & assorted Percussion) More info @ Video by Ginny Kaufman. © 2012 Biheart Entertainment Group. All Rights Reserved.

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The New SOUL DOGS at JOXER DALY'S in Culver City 2/24/12,
Performing Sharon Benson's original song LOVE YOURSELF.

SOUL DOGS 2012 has a New Line-Up!
The Music contains some Great Covers in the Genres of Classic Rock; Country Rock; BLUES; Oldies and Sharon Benson originals.

The tunes are arranged for our unique instrumentation with a fresh and creative sound.

The Band:

Sharon Benson (7-String Viper Violin; Guitar; Vocals)

Steve Kaufman (Acoustic & Electric Guitars; Vocals)

Gary Fitzgerald (Stand Up & Electric Bass)

Leslie Daniel (Drums; Percussion)

More info @

Video by Stan Zalman. © 2012 Biheart Entertainment Group. All Rights Reserved.