Monday, August 30, 2010


2 Lucky Rescue Dogs, SAMMY & WALLY... Livin' The Good Life!

This video is dedicated to
Kyle Schwab,
Smashface Rescue
& The Perfect Pit.

Animal Humanitarian, Kyle Schwab, has a self funded rescue foundation for abused and neglected Mastiffs, American Bulldogs, and Pit Bulls. This is his 17th year of tirelessly working to save, care for, and find loving homes for these precious creatures.

Currently, Kyle has taken on three dogs who have suffered severe cases of abuse and neglect. He is asking for donations in any denomination. Every little bit helps. The three dogs are fostering at his facility, and get around the clock care.
In this economy it's tough just getting by, but these dogs really need your help. Kyle has exhausted his every penny, and they are only half way through their recovery.

Sage: Neapolitan Mastiff 6-8 years old.

Sage is emaciated, has the onset of cataracts, and is hard of hearing. She is one of the sweetest dogs to enter the program in 17 years! Sage was shot four times, once in each leg. One bullet struck her forearm, one ripped off her pad on the opposite front leg, one shot to the rear thigh, and the last shot blew off one of her rear toes. She is making a slow and steady recovery at my facility. Sage was shot when an LAPD officer was too lazy to wait for Animal Control to corral her. The other dog with her was shot and killed. When Kyle tried to obtain the police report, he was threatened with being arrested if he did not leave the station.

Rose: Dogue De Bordeaux 12-14 months old.

This girl has one of the most severe cases of Demodectic Mange I have ever seen. The fact that her owners neglected her for such a long period of time, and for it to get to this point, she must have sat in this condition for the last eight to ten months with no treatment; because of this she has a secondary bacterial infection in her lympathic system, in two of her mammary glands, and a goiter growing in her neck. These are all symptoms of a compromised immune system. She's had her tear duct gland rupture and is unable to see out of her left eye. As if all this wasn't bad enough, she is fighting off a nasty case of pneumonia. Rose will also need upper and lower eyelid surgery. In addition she has a severe yeast infection in her ears and on her paws. All this can be attributed to her previous owners lack of care.

Pinky: Red Nose Pitbull.

Pinky is also suffering from a severe case of demodetic mange and sunburn. She is at Kyle's facility undergoing treatment and recovering nicely, but being a red nose Pit, may linger in the program for an indefinite period of time. Kyle has exhausted all his financial resources, including his savings, so he is asking the public for help. These girls are just midway through their rehabilitation and healing process.

There are 3 ways to donate:

1. Mail a
check payable to:
Kyle Schwab
6708 Tobias Ave.
Van Nuys, CA 91405
If you'd like a receipt please include a self addressed stamped envelope.

2. If you want to pay by
credit or debit card, you can pay throughPaypal:
Send donations to:

3. If you know Kyle, want to meet with him, or meet the girls, you can pay in person. He will also be glad to send you photos.
Just shoot him an e-mail to:

4. If you do not know Kyle, and want to know more about his rehabilation program, visit the attached a link below:

Kyle says "Thank You" to everyone in advance !

Kyle Schwab
Smashface Rescue
The Perfect Pit

SAMMY & WALLY YouTube Video Info: Soul Dogs' song "HANG ON" is the backing music. Music & Lyrics by Sharon Benson. Performed by SOUL DOGS: Sharon Benson, CJ III, Benjamin Lein, & Leslie Daniel.
Co-Produced by Sharon Benson & Lewis Wolfe.
Photos by Linda Sherlin.
© 2010 Biheart Entertainment Group. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Wow, Sharon, what a cool song!!!! Alittle upbeat,and very exciting! It reminds me of the late 60's or early '70s, watching Ironside or Hawaii five-0, with young David Carradine!!!!
    This is definatly a good thing!!!! LOL
    Your friends, John and Katy and little Katilynn too!! --- well see what we can send over to your friends doggy rescue mission. God bless the powers that be!!! ---- May the Maximum Force be with you!

  2. AH, I'm glad to see to you did indeed, Unleash the Dogs of Soul.

    Happy I could be of assistance.

    Gary Ansorge